12 Benefits of a Righteous Life

12 Benefits of Living a Righteous Life

In a world that seems to be devolving by the day, I found this list to be quite encouraging. And it’s all found in one chapter of Proverbs…Chapter 11. I’m sure there are more benefits to righteousness than this, so if you think of one (or many), please leave them as a comment below.

1. The righteous are delivered from death (v4). On the day of judgment, the righteous need not fear.

2. Righteousness makes your path straight (v5). The Lord guides your steps.


3. Righteousness delivers you from evil desires (v6). You can resist temptation.

4. The righteous are rescued from trouble (v8). You will never be given more than you can handle with the Holy Spirit’s help.

5. The righteous escape destruction (v9). The righteous spend eternity with their Father in Heaven.

6. Other people desire good things for the righteous (v10).

7. Sewing righteousness ensures a reward (v18). Store up your rewards in heaven (Luke 6:23).

8. The righteous attain life (v18). Everlasting life in heaven.

9. The righteous will go free on the day of judgment (v21). A restatement of #5 above.

10. The desires of the righteous end in good (v23). Because they end in knowing God better and acting in a Godly manner.

11. The righteous will thrive (v28). Their relationship with the giver of life will flourish.

12. The righteous receive their due on earth (v31). When the righteous sin, the cost of their sin will be paid in this life rather than lasting for eternity.

Our hope is eternal

Our daily struggles are temporary; God’s reward will be eternal.

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As I was typing this, it struck me how many of these benefits encourage us to maintain a long view of our faith. We must continually remember (and remind each other) that while our life must be lived in the present, our future lies in heaven. I pray that brings you hope today

Regardless of what you’re going through today, God is walking through it with you and will reward your faithfulness and righteousness in eternity. Our daily struggles are temporary; God’s reward will be eternal.