Becoming the Best Version of You

The Tim Ferriss Show

Episode 210, Becoming the Best Version of You, December 20, 2016

In the special episode, Tim interviews Josh Waitzkin, Ramit Sethi, and Adam Robinson. You can find a description of each of them on the podcast's page linked above or by clicking on each person's name.

My Notes

Here are my notes on the episode. If you decide to listen to the podcast, be forewarned there is a fair amount of foul language.


  1. ​Highly successful people focus on fewer things (less) and doing those things better rather than focusing on a lot of things.
  2. Journaling – reduce things down to the most basic form you can (the most important question), sleep on it and then first thing in the morning and then brainstorming on a solution. Release it from your conscious mind and let your unconscious work on it overnight. Listen to Tim's Reid Hoffman podcast – how to do the same thing with your conscious mind
  3. Listen for yourself (or someone else) to say, “that doesn’t make sense”. That is a sign of something powerful. It’s a sign that you (or they) have logical reasons that conflict with reality. Maybe ask people, “what doesn’t make sense about this to you?”
  4. If it’s obvious, no one pays attention to it. You should investigate the viewpoint that assumes it’s “obvious”. Get into the head of the people that hold that position and see why they think it’s “obvious”.
  5. Ask yourself (or someone else), “what would you need to see to change your view”? If you can’t figure out when you’re wrong, then how do you know you’re right?
  6. Ask others, “Is there anything I can say that would make you change your mind about xxxx?”
  7. We have limited cognition/willpower. Focus on the big stuff, not the little things. The little things (i.e. $3 lattes) just take up brainpower and energy. Get the basics right and you don’t have to optimize the margins – don’t major in the minors!
  8. You have to go through the fire – there are no shortcuts to excellence or the top.
  9. What is missing in the market? What do people want/need that isn’t there?
  10. Ramit’s book recommendations: 
  11. [easyazon_link identifier=”1578645018″ locale=”US” tag=”toddtemaat-20″]Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T. Munger, Expanded Third Edition[/easyazon_link]
    [easyazon_link identifier=”0887232981″ locale=”US” tag=”toddtemaat-20″]Breakthrough Advertising[/easyazon_link]
  12. Worst advice you’ve heard: “Do it the way that guy did it.” Excellence is about self-discovery, not following someone else’s prescriptive way – it worked for them, but probably won’t for you.
  13. Have the abundance to know you can always go back and visit something again. Leave at the peak of the experience rather than after exhausting yourself. You don’t have to experience everything an experience has to offer (i.e. a museum visit) in the first visit; you can go back again.
  14. Find things that no one thinks about and think seriously about how to improve them or accomplish the same things in a better way.

How I Got to Know The Tim Ferriss Show

When I was driving a truck for a living, I got to "know" the Tim Ferriss show because I liked to listen to podcasts to pass the time and keep my mind engaged. It helped keep me awake and gave me lots of interesting ideas to contemplate.

Now that I no longer drive a truck, I still listen to his podcast. I find it inspiring and challenging. He has a way of asking questions that brings out awesome responses from his guests, and his guests have such remarkable lives and experiences, you can't help but learn from and be challenged by them and their stories.

The only problem with the podcast (if you can really call it a problem) is that it can run a little long. It's usually anywhere from an hour to 3 hours...usually closer to an hour and a half, though. So if you don't have the time to listen, or you'd like to see if it's worth it for you to make the time, I put together these notes to give you a Cliff's Notes version. It will give you an idea of what I took away from the episode.

I hope you find value in my notes - I know you'll find value in the The Tim Ferriss Show.