Creating a Digital Product Starts with an Outline

creating a digital product

The purpose of lesson six was to create an outline for my eBook. Not a highly-detailed outline to begin writing from, but a conceptual – high level – outline to help me collect my thoughts and give me something I could send to my two-person chiropractor focus group for feedback.

Creating a digital product begins with an outline and today’s lesson got me there.

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Melyssa Griffin Interview

melyssa griffin

My notes from the interview Alexis Teichmiller did with Melyssa Griffin during week one of the ConvertKit product Masterclass.

The interview lasted about 20 minutes. They discussed everything from how Melyssa transitioned from doing freelance work for clients into a course-based business to how she builds courses and prepares for launches.

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My Digital Product Development Timeline

My Digital Product Development Timeline

I found day 5 a bit frustrating! I did my best to block out time in my schedule like the lesson recommended, but I felt like it was a mostly useless exercise because there are just too many unknowns in my project yet to start scheduling things.

Plus, seeing everything that still needs to get done made me feel somewhat overwhelmed. They mention affiliates, which I don’t have. They mention beta testers, which I probably don’t need. And they mention partnering with influencers, which doesn’t happen in just a week.

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Product Validation and Goal Setting

product validation

Product validation is day 3’s topic. It’s critical to success, but hard to do. A 30 day challenge doesn’t leave much time when you’re starting from scratch like me. I am really struggling, but still moving forward…trying to blaze my own path, though.

In day 4, we cover clarifying our product’s purpose and setting an initial sales (and/or e-mail list) goal.

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Deciding Which Digital Product to Sell

which digital product

Lesson two was about choosing which type of digital product to make.

ConvertKit is primarily concerned with eBooks and digital courses, but they also discussed several other options like tutorials, themes and templates, photography, printables, membership sites, and apps.

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Day 1: Narrowing My Niche and Creating a Customer Avatar

Niche and Customer Avatar

I have to be honest. When I read ConvertKit’s Day 1 material, I wasn’t too impressed.

There wasn’t anything here I hadn’t seen before.

But I decided to go through it anyway because thinking through these basics when starting a new project is never a bad idea. Plus, some of you have told me one of the biggest reasons you joined this experiment was because you feel alone and you wanted to see how someone else went through the process.

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Show Me the Money: Choosing My Target Market

choosing my target market

I thought I knew what I wanted…

When I came up with the idea to do an experiment and journal my experience with the ConvertKit Product Creation Masterclass, I thought I had the target market I wanted to pursue all worked out. But I guess not…

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