12 Ways to Show Gratefulness to God

Show Gratefulness

If we know it’s good for us and that it pleases God, why is living a grateful life so difficult? If you listen to popular wisdom, there are several reasons. For example:

  1. We’re too busy.
  2. We’re overwhelmed by all the bad news and negative things happening around us.
  3. It will come off as weak to our friends, co-workers, etc.
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Obedience is a 4 Letter Word

Obedience to God

We all know there are many benefits to being disciplined and obedient in the right context. In God’s economy, though, obedience doesn’t take discipline; it just takes the proper focus.

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Righteousness Defined

What is Righteousness

I’ve talked about being righteous and righteousness in several articles and it struck me that it’s a word that means different things to different people both inside and outside the church.

In its simplest form, being righteous is being right before God. And righteousness is acting in ways that are Godly.

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The 3 Ps of Godly Conflict Resolution

godly conflict resolution

How we respond in conflict situations is a huge part of how people will remember us. Do we stay calm and respond graciously or do we fly off the handle? Or does it depend on the situation?

Handling conflict in a Godly way means we keep God’s end goal of redeeming the world in mind while we struggle to respond in a Spirit-led way to the situation at hand. There is no easy answer because conflict is tough on everyone involved, but these 3 Ps give us the maximum opportunity to be God’s light in a dark situation.

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12 Benefits of a Righteous Life

12 Benefits of Living a Righteous Life

In a world that seems to be devolving by the day, I found this list to be quite encouraging. And it’s all found in one chapter of Proverbs…Chapter 11.

  1. The righteous are delivered from death (v4). On the day of judgment, the righteous need not fear.
  2. Righteousness makes your path straight (v5). The Lord guides your steps.
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Reconciling Christianity and Politics

reconciling faith and politics

As I think about the future of our country, my faith and the era of civil unrest we’re going through right now, I wonder what it is we’re actually hoping for as Christians and Americans. Where is our focus? What is it we really desire out of life? How do I reconcile my christianity and politics?

I think we’ve lost our bearings as a country and as a people. It seems our goals in life can be reduced to two basic things:

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What Does God Want?

what does God want

When I was 10, my mom and dad got divorced. There were many reasons, of course – some I was painfully aware of and others I’m sure I knew nothing about. When Dad moved out, it wasn’t a surprise because my mom had told my brothers and me what was going to happen, but it still changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined at the time.

Maybe you have treasured memories of your dad as you grew up. Memories of him playing with you, spending time with you or protecting and caring for you in other ways. I don’t have many memories like that. Just a couple of them, actually. The memories I have of my dad are more sobering; more disappointing.

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Do I Choose Wise Words?

choose wise words and be the fountain of life for someone else

Have you ever called customer service in a huff because something was messed up about your bill, just to have the person you talk to be so pleasant and helpful you went away from the conversation in a good mood or wishing you had been nicer to them? I have…many times.

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