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What is Righteousness

Righteousness Defined

I’ve talked about being righteous and righteousness in several articles and it struck me that it’s a word that means different things to different people both inside and outside the church. So, I thought I’d write an article to explain what it means on this site.

In its simplest form, being righteous is being right before God. And righteousness is acting in ways that are Godly.

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godly conflict resolution

The 3 Ps of Godly Conflict Resolution

God has no respect for my comfort zone!

​​Every time I've picked up the Bible over the past week or so, the Holy Spirit starts talking to me about one thing in particular. After I finish reading every day and begin thinking about what I've read, the primary message I keep hearing is an admonition to use my speech more wisely. ​And while this is not a new thought in my life, it seems that maybe I'm ready to hear it now. Maybe...

​Last week, I wrote and asked Do I Choose Wise Words​ when I speak. Today, through Proverbs 15, God gave me the 3 Ps of Godly Conflict Resolution to consider. As it turns out, though, the 3 Ps are largely about the same thing. Choosing how to respond to others instead of reacting to them.

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12 Benefits of Living a Righteous Life

12 Benefits of a Righteous Life

In a world that seems to be devolving by the day, I found this list to be quite encouraging. And it’s all found in one chapter of Proverbs…Chapter 11. I’m sure there are more benefits to righteousness than this, so if you think of one (or many), please leave them as a comment below.

1. The righteous are delivered from death (v4). On the day of judgment, the righteous need not fear.

2. Righteousness makes your path straight (v5). The Lord guides your steps.

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reconciling faith and politics

Reconciling Christianity and Politics

What do we want out of life?

As I think about the future of our country, my faith and the era of civil unrest we're going through right now, I wonder what it is we're actually hoping for as Christians and Americans. Where is our focus? What is it we really desire out of life? How do I reconcile my christianity and politics?

I think we've lost our bearings as a country and as a people. It seems our goals in life can be reduced to two basic things:

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