Melyssa Griffin Interview

melyssa griffin

My Notes from the Interview

The interview lasted about 20 minutes. Alexis from ConvertKit and Melyssa discussed everything from how Melyssa transitioned from doing freelance work for clients into a course-based business to how she builds courses and prepares for launches.

Here a my notes:​

Audiences usually fall into 3 or 4 natural groupings

Melyssa called them buckets, but the idea is that as you build an audience, you find out what each type of customer needs.

For example​, a very common way to divide them is by experience level. i.e. beginner, intermediate, and expert. But if your audience is seeking career advice, you might divide them into those looking for work, those wanting to advance, and those looking to change industries.

Preparing for a launch

Do something really valuable like offering a free course, video series or a challenge one week prior to your launch, This will add value to your potential customers and affiliates as well as get them engaged.

 Reminded me of Jeff Walker's Product Launch Formula.

Avoiding burnout

Never stop asking, "How can I bring more of myself - my interests, my desires, my life - to the business and my readers/customers.

Getting past doubt and imposter syndrome

The way to get past your doubts and fears is to dig in and take action. As you see results, the fears will diminish. But they will never completely go away.

You can find out more about Melyssa Griffin on her website.